Our venue: B. Amsterdam

With its 40.000 square meters and three buildings, B. Amsterdam is the biggest start-up ecosystem in Europe. As a creative workspace for innovation, education, and growth they set the perfect stage for our 2-day event. Building B.1 is where we will be. This distinctive black cube was originally built as IBM’s headquarters. The adjacent hall served as a typewriter factory. Not only does the space now offer a variety of rooms and halls to host our Global Grand Final, the venue is equipped with all the technical equipment we need. And to top it off there is a rooftop restaurant (and vegetable garden), a cinema and a gym. Almost all furniture is second-hand or made from recycled materials.

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Easy to reach

B. Amsterdam is outside the city centre and can easily be reached by public transport. The fastest connection from Amsterdam Central Station is metro 51. Take it in the direction of Isolatorweg and get out at the stop called ‘Amsterdam Henk Sneevlietweg’. From here it’s about a 10-minute walk the venue.

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B. Amsterdam (building B.1)
Johan Huizingalaan 763a
1066 VH Amsterdam

About the area

The area where B. Amsterdam is located is called Slotervaart. It is a neighborhood in the western part of Amsterdam, named after the Slotervaart canal. The first houses around here were built in 1955. Since then it developed into a popular part of the city with restaurants, hotels and business. The beautiful lake the Sloterplas is one of Amsterdam’s recreational hotspots.